Bank of Israel estimates cost of war against Hamas will cost $53 BILLION dollars but don’t worry though American taxpayers got the tab!

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Why are we paying for their war? When will we start asking these questions. Give til it hurts you cattle…

via RT:

Israel’s war on Hamas will cost the country $53 billion and hamper economic growth into 2024, according to figures published by the Bank of Israel on Monday. Fighting has been paused since a truce came into effect on Friday, but the Israeli military is expected to resume operations in Gaza this week.

Direct military spending will account for $29 billion of the $53 billion total, the bank stated, adding that this figure includes military aid provided by the US. Compensation for damage will come to $6 billion, while other civilian expenditure will come to $6.75 billion. Lost tax revenue and interest on government debt will make up the remainder.

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