Baltimore faces severe policing shortages, leaving neighborhoods underserved and calls unanswered.

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Baltimore is in the throes of a policing apocalypse, and the situation is nothing short of apocalyptic. Last week, just THREE police officers were left to patrol an entire district teeming with 61,000 residents. Let that sink in.

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Calls for help, including reports of child assault, are going unanswered because the police simply can’t keep up. It’s a dire state of affairs when law enforcement is unable to respond to the most basic calls for assistance.

Adding insult to injury, the department is now forced to postpone police training in a desperate bid to address the severe shortages. But how did we get here?

It’s the result of a sickening agenda orchestrated by globalists. They championed the defunding of police movements, sowing chaos and discord. And now, as predicted, chaos reigns supreme. But make no mistake: this was their plan all along.

They’re banking on the chaos to push their agenda further, offering the illusion of security in exchange for our freedoms. And let’s not forget their relentless efforts to disarm law-abiding citizens.

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Who would have thought chaos could yield rewards so quickly? It’s a chilling reality we must confront.


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