“Backlash Is Real”: DEI Exodus Gains Steam Across Corporate America

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Have we reached peak DEI stupidity? 

Yes, we are well past the peak. As we explained in early March, “Both the DEI and ESG gravy trains on Wall Street are finally coming to an unceremonious end.”

The unraveling of “diversity, equity, and inclusion” initiatives was seen on the state level, as Red states rushed to ban DEI programs in 2023. Google, Facebook, and other tech companies slashed DEI staff by late last year. Early this year, universities began rolling back diversity programs, while Harvard President Claudine Gay was demoted.

DEI was doomed to fail, and corporations have been quickly scrambling to abandon mindless and profitless diversity programs with Marxist roots. The latest earnings call data shows that “DEI” mentions have collapsed from their peak in 2021, according to Axios, citing data from AlphaSense.

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