Backdoor Gun Grab: Congressional Dems Push Background Checks on Ammo Purchases, Seek to Criminalize Middlemen Buyers

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Democratic members of Congress have introduced a bill that would impose restrictions on bulk ammunition sales, licensing requirements on ammunition vendors, and background checks for ammunition buyers.

Democratic U.S. Senators Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, and Democratic U.S. Representatives Robert Garcia of California and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz of Florida introduced the bill on Nov. 2, according to news releases from Warren and Garcia’s offices.

Under the Ammunition Modernization and Monitoring Oversight Act, businesses selling ammunition must possess the same federal licenses gun dealers are required to obtain, according to the bill’s sponsors.

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Furthermore, ammunition vendors must conduct background checks on purchases under the bill.

According to the bill’s sponsors, the legislation helps compensate for the lack of regulation on ammunition sales.

The AMMO Act would take what is current policy in California and make it a federal policy.

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We don’t have a gun violence problem, we have a thug problem using illegally obtained firearms. You want to cut down on gun violence? Start enforcing laws already on the books and not playing the catch and release game. Until the DA’s start charging and prosecuting people and the judges start locking them up, just another law that will be ignored by people who don’t care about laws.


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