Average American household now has $10,170 credit card debt

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American households now have an average of $10,170 credit card debt, as record numbers say they are worried about being cut off from access to loans.

Data from the New York Federal Reserve shows nationwide credit card debt swelled by $43 billion in the second quarter of the year – the second largest increase on record.

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Meanwhile a separate survey by the Fed revealed 60 percent of respondents found it more difficult to access credit – the highest level since the data series began in June 2013.

But some states are faring much worse than others as households in Hawaii have the highest debt currently, according to fresh analysis by WalletHub. Families in the Aloha state have $10,637 in credit card loans on average.

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It was followed by Alaska, California and New Jersey where average debts were $10,142, $9,796 and $9,468 respectively.


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