Australia – Total Curfew in Place For All of The Abbo Youth in Alice Springs – 6pm – 6am

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It has been reported that over 100 people took to the streets on Tuesday, wreaking havoc after a funeral ceremony for a teenager who died when an allegedly stolen car crashed in recent weeks.

In response, a two-week youth curfew has been announced for the entire CBD of Alice Springs.

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An additional 58 police officers are being sent to Alice Springs to help get the town back under control.

More than 50 weapons were seized on Tuesday across several incidents in Alice Springs, according to NT Police Acting Assistant Commissioner James Gray-Spence.

The damage to Todd Tavern has so far been estimated at $30,000.

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“We had rocks thrown at our vehicle at the same time while we were restoring order as a result of our attendance,” assistant commissioner Gray-Spence said.

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