Attorney General Letitia James is on the verge of seizing Donald Trump’s properties.

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New York Attorney General Letitia James may begin seizing Donald Trump’s assets and property as it emerges the former president’s bond pledgers could lack the funds to pay his bond.

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A former federal state prosecutor Eric Lisann said that Knight Specialty Insurance (KSI) may not be able to post a $175 million (£138 million) bond for Donald Trump whilst he appeals his fraud judgment. Dave Kingman, also a former lawyer, who previously said that KSI would not pay the bind, had said the Attorney General, Letitia James will thus be able to start enforcement proceedings on Trump’s properties.

A New York court rejected KSI’s paperwork and asked for more information on its financial backing for the bond, the firm then filed new paperwork on April 4. The $175 million bond must be paid to avoid Trump’s assets being obtained by Ms James after a judge fined him $454 million (£359 million) for fraudulently inflating the value of his assets in February.

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