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Wow. Nancy Pelosi drops the hammer on Biden.
It seems Joe still doesn’t get the subtle hints.

This isn’t over.

That was the message Nancy Pelosi delivered subtly, but also loud and clear, in an appearance on Biden’s favorite news show on Wednesday. Refusing to directly endorse Biden’s continued candidacy, she instead pressed him to make a decision on his path that he publicly has already made. And she suggested he and Democrats hold off on considering the question until after this week’s NATO summit, which the White House has hoped will be a turning point for Democratic support.

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“It’s up to the president to decide if he is going to run,” she said in a “Morning Joe” interview on MSNBC. “We’re all encouraging him to make that decision because time is running short.”

George Clooney Calls For New Democratic Nominee In Latest Hollywood Plea For Joe Biden To Step Aside

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George Clooney, fresh off co-hosting a star-filled fundraiser for Joe Biden last month, is calling on Democrats to pick a new nominee and for the president to be a “hero” in stepping aside.

Clooney cited concerns over Biden’s age, and compared the president’s appearance at the fundraiser, in which he did a sit down with Barack Obama and Jimmy Kimmel, to what he was like just a few years ago.

Clooney wrote in The New York Times, “I love Joe Biden. As a senator. As a vice president and as president. I consider him a friend, and I believe in him. Believe in his character. Believe in his morals. In the last four years, he’s won many of the battles he’s faced.

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