As Mexican protests go, this one is massive.

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MEXICO CITY (Reuters) -Huge crowds filled Mexico City’s main square on Sunday in support of the nation’s electoral authority, accusing President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of trying to weaken the body ahead of a presidential election in June.

The protests, one of several in recent years meant to “protect” the National Electoral Institute (INE), come after Lopez Obrador sent a sweeping package of constitutional reforms to Congress, which would include an overhaul of the INE.

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Organizers said 700,000 people turned out, which could mark one of the largest protests against Lopez Obrador as his administration comes to a close.

The Mexico City government, which is controlled by Lopez Obrador’s MORENA party, said just 90,000 people attended. The disparity in counting turnout has also occurred at previous pro-INE demonstrations.

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