Are high prices (rent, food, Healthcare, gas) expected to be the new normal? [US]

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by mmofrki

I’ve heard that unemployment is severely down but that’s due to most people needing to work upwards of three jobs just to scrape by. It’s scary how unsustainable it is.

Especially given how unaffordable Healthcare is in the US, now imagine exhausted, sleep deprived people having heart attacks or other cardiovascular issues due to being overworked – not wanting to saddle themselves with tens of thousands of dollars in medical debt.

People enjoy touting the old ‘well just move somewhere affordable’ as if people aren’t already doing that, even those who are doing well just to save a few dollars – thus increasing the cost of living in one “cheap areas”. They also like to tout that one should live with multiple roommates like 15 in a one bedroom apartment or studio apartment – saying how privacy and personal space is a privilege not a right.

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This is all really concerning with people worried about their job security with AI replacing them and no solution for the loss of their livelihoods in sight.

Governments would rather criminalize things than offer help, and once more people become destitute this could very well be the norm.

I’m tired, everyone I know is tired. It’s now become live to work and it seems redundant to pay rent when people are only home for a few hours before getting ready for another job – and the sad thing is that the more this happens, the more normalized it will get.

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And before anyone says anything no one has time nor the energy for a ‘big demonstration’ we’re all just trying to survive while we watch more and more houses get bought up by corporations, price hikes on essentials, and the rich getting richer.

Pretty soon a lot of people will have to work around the clock.


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