Apple’s new Vision Pro is a privacy nightmare, for anyone not wearing the goggles.

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Imagine you’re in a waiting room, and someone sits next to you with four iPhones strapped to their forehead. You might swiftly relocate.

Yet that’s exactly what’s happening when someone straps on Apple’s new Vision Pro headset. Each of these goggles contains the rough equivalent to a head full of iPhones: 2 depth sensors, 6 microphones and 12 cameras. It uses them to continuously track people and rooms in three dimensions — every hand gesture, eyeball flick and couch cushion.

Apple touts the $3,499 Vision Pro, arriving on Friday, as the next big thing after the smartphone. When you wear one, you see the world around you with computer-generated images and information superimposed on top. You might be intrigued or think the idea of a face computer is dumb. Regardless, you might want to know this device collects more data than any other personal device I’ve ever seen.

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