Apple releases iPad Ad about Crushing Humanity (with AI driven technology?)

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This is a pretty diabolically evil Ad. See the things that give humanity joy get destroyed. Watch the people get crushed. Watch the little head explode. The NWO will rule by brutal AI based technology.

Be careful what you wish for: Technology is about to crush us all — if we let it.

Is new Apple ad titled ‘Crush’ an example of Luciferian technocrats informing us of their sick plans for humanity?

MAY 08, 2024

I read today about the new Apple iPad ad in an article that appeared in the Western Journal.

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“Dystopia, thy name is Apple,” it declares in the opening paragraph, adding, “Or at least, that seemed to be the motivating principle behind the company’s deeply unsettling new ad.”

As initially shared by Apple CEO Tim Cook on the social media platform X, the ad for the new iPad Pro has been generating lots of buzz, and all the feedback seems mostly negative. Check it out for yourself below.

It becomes clear about halfway through the ad that whatever Apple is promoting here is part of a very destructive force. All the familiar items shown, things like record albums, paintings, musical instruments, video arcades, books, children’s toys — all of the things that historically gave people joy — had actually been placed into a giant hydraulic press.

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Here’s my response to iPad Apple:

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‘Useless eaters’ will be largely replaced by tech


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