Another Deceptive Biden Administration Jobs Report

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Once again, the legacy media reports phony job statistics, and Wall Street Traders rejoice by pushing stock prices to new highs! But it’s really more bullshit.

In the past 12 months, the U.S. economy has seen the number of full-time jobs decline by 1.3 million while adding 1.09 million part-time positions.
March’s total non-farm payroll employment rose, with 303,000 jobs added to the economy last month. However, the monthly change in full-time employment decreased by 6,000, while part-time employment added 691,000 jobs.

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One of the areas that did see full-time job growth was public sector employment. March saw an increase of 71,000 government jobs — outpacing the prior 12-month average of 54,000. The trend of adding part-time employment while losing full-time jobs has been ongoing for over a year now. This is likely what underpins voter anxiety about the U.S. economy. The National Pulse has previously reported that most jobs gained since President Joe Biden took office have been fueled by migrant labor.

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I would like to see a honest investigation on who on Biden’s team is manipulating economic reports.

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