Another chance to see Northern Lights tonight

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WAITING FOR THE NEXT CME: A geomagnetic storm is underway, but it is relatively minor (G1/G2). Conditions won’t intensify again until the next CME arrives. NOAA forecasters are currently predicting a return to extreme (G4/G5) storming on May 12th. We think May 13th is more likely when a CME from yesterday’s X5.8-class flare is expected to arrive. Either way, stay tuned! CME impact alerts: SMS Text

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The geomagnetic field returned to quieter levels, but for how long? DSCOVR solar wind speed data just showed a jump from 812 km/s to just over 900 km/s which may be a sign another expected shockwave is about to pass Earth. A geomagnetic storm watch remains in effect for the next 24-48 hours.

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