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‘A $3,500 Chastity Belt:’ Apple Vision Pro Buyers Outraged Headset Doesn’t Support VR Porn

The much-hyped Apple Vision Pro headset has arrived, but some early adopters are disappointed to find it doesn’t support immersive VR porn out of the box. Apple’s firm stance against porn on the device led one disappointed pervert to label the headset “a $3,500 chastity belt.”

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404 Media reports that when Apple unveiled its first virtual reality headset, the $3,500 Vision Pro, many joked it would be the ultimate device for VR porn. But just days after its release, Vision Pro owners are learning the hard way that current VR porn does not work properly on Apple’s flagship device.

On online forums like Reddit and Discord, Vision Pro buyers report being unable to view stereoscopic 180-degree VR porn videos in full immersion. The headset technically supports a web standard called WebXR that should allow it to play VR porn hosted on sites like Pornhub. But in practice, WebXR porn clips appear cropped, blurry, or flat in the Vision Pro rather than wrapping around the viewer in 3D.

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