Fake meat raises real health risks, caution advised amid plant-based trend.

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While plant-based meats gain popularity for their purported environmental benefits, a new study highlights potential health concerns associated with these alternatives. Comparisons with real meat reveal disparities in protein content and sodium levels, with plant-based options potentially posing risks for those with hypertension. Additionally, elevated levels of potassium and calcium in plant-based meats raise concerns about blood sugar control, challenging assumptions about their health benefits. As research underscores the complexities of dietary choices, consumers face the task of navigating nutritional trade-offs amidst conflicting findings and evolving preferences in the market.

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Good for the environment — but what about your body?

Trendy plant-based meats could be triggering health issues less frequently seen in humans who prefer to chow down on the real thing, a new study warns.

Research published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition compared the impacts of protein alternatives, scientifically known as plant-based meat analogues, or PBMAs, to actual meat dishes — and the experts didn’t necessarily like what they found.

During an eight-week period of analysis, it turned out that actual beef provided more protein than its imposter — while typically being higher in sodium, a problem for those struggling with hypertension.

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Also, PBMAs contained high levels of potassium and calcium, possibly triggering issues with blood sugar control in ways not observed among meat eaters.

“This suggests that assumptions of health benefits from consuming [plant-based meats] may not be directly extrapolated to those consuming a [plant-based diet],” the researchers said.

Previous research found that plant-based diets overall have been found to show little health benefits to counterpart foods.

In another study, veganism was found to launch the female libido up to 380% !

The medical news comes as well-known brand Beyond Meat experiences tanking sales. The company has been making attempts to cut fat from its products by 60% recently.




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