American Youtube star kidnapped in Haiti while trying to meet gang leader Barbecue.

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Social media star YourFellowArab has been taken hostage in Haiti by one of the gangs who have become de-facto leaders in the midst of the violence that has ravaged the Caribbean island.

YourFellowArab, whose real name is Addison Pierre Maalouf, was on the island to interview the man known popularly as Jimmy ‘Barbecue’ Cerisier, the most powerful gang leader in the country.

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On March 14, Maalouf was taken by a gang known as the 400 Mawozo, led by kingpin Lanmo 100 jou, who is on the FBI most wanted list. Maalouf is being held for a ransom of $600,000.

Around $40,000 has been paid so far to the hostage takers, reports Haiti24. A Haitian colleague was also taken.

Maalouf, who is of Lebanese descent, is based in Atlanta. On his official website, Maalouf refers to himself as a ‘comedian, pro player and content creator… Man of the people.’

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One of Maalouf’s colleagues, Twitch stream Lalem, confirmed in an X post that his friend had been taken hostage. He ended the message on a positive note saying: ‘He’ll be out soon.’

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