American “Scientist” Engaged in Evil Plot to End Life on Earth

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by Chris Black

You know, if you wanted to remove CO2, you could just plant trees.

All living things on earth are “carbon-based lifeforms,” and trees use the carbon in the air to grow.

That has never been suggested.

There has never been any attempt to prove that CO2 causes warming.

There is no evidence for the theory.

What they have is a bunch of fake graphs, and a “scientific consensus” from “climatologists.”

Climatology is a fake science invented by the UN to promote the theory of global warming.

However, despite skipping the step of proving global warming is real, the government has decided to take the extraordinary step of geo-engineering the planet, sucking carbon out of the atmosphere.

This will probably kill all life on earth.

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These people are sick and must be, well, let’s say erased from the face of the earth.


In Texas, oil and gas producer Occidental Petroleum is constructing a giant facility to suck 500,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere annually to keep it from warming the climate, a project backed by hundreds of millions of dollars from investment firm BlackRock.

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BlackRock, eh?



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