American Dream Under Siege: Median Mortgage Hits Record High, Renters Left Reeling in Bidenomics Fallout!

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Brace yourselves for the economic storm! The heartland of America is trembling as the median mortgage payment skyrockets to an unprecedented $2,894 per month, shattering all previous records. But the nightmare doesn’t end there. In the wake of Bidenomics, renters and prospective homeowners are being mercilessly squeezed, with only those fortunate enough to have secured low-interest mortgages in the past finding refuge from the financial tempest.

  • Median mortgage payment in the USA reaches a staggering $2,894 per month, setting a new record.
  • Those with previously secured low-interest mortgages find relief while renters and new buyers face financial strain.
  • Bidenomics exacerbates housing affordability crisis, further widening the gap between homeowners and renters.
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