America is Now A Third World Country

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by Chris Black

The Elites believed their experiment of transforming America into a “multiracial democracy” had come to fruition with Obama’s installation.

It was a lock.

Just keep boiling the frog.

Trump’s rise scared the elites to their core.

MAGA elicited an unacceptable rebirth of White America.

That could not stand.

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The institutional reaction has been a cold civil war: American institutions vs. the American nation.

Sadly, most don’t seem to realize it’s happening or that there is a war being waged against them.

But Merrick Garland and Alejandro Mayorkas know.

Joe Biden knows.

The results: the Great Replacement accelerated.

Elite-funded lawfare against lawful protestors for having the wrong beliefs.

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Doxing from dysgenic apparatchiks.

Antifa and BLM unleashed to attack any resistance to the program.

Anarcho-tyranny is now the norm.

A War on Terror turned inward.

America is now a 3rd world tier empire choking on its suicidal ideology.

A zombie death pact shambling on.

And so it goes.

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