America Headed For Divorce

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by ElleMira

I can’t see a compromise.

The 2 sides of this nation are diametrically opposed.

Speaking to liberals/leftists and I’m hearing the same thing. Christians are extremists. Guns should be banned, our Second Amendment removed/amended/altered. No one should be allowed to vote for Trump and he should be removed from the ballot. ‘Hate speech’ should be enforced, our First Amendment eliminated/amended/altered to ‘protect’ certain classes of people (but not Christians, whites, heterosexuals, conservatives – they’re all fair game for persecution). Jan 6 was an insurrection and anyone who doesn’t believe that should be investigated by our federal government. Anyone who believes in ‘parental rights’ is a right wing conservative, should be investigated by the feds and lose their parental rights. The list goes on.

I just spent over an hour talking to my liberal friend, quietly listening to all the shit she believed in and was gobsmacked.

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Is it just me hearing this shit from friends/relatives? I realize these are liberal MSM talking points, but after witnessing the destruction of our nation – I’d think more people are waking up. How much more can/will people take? Our southern border flooded with invaders from all over the world. Maui destroyed with fires, yet millions, billions more sent to Ukraine. The list goes on.

If we’ve reached an impasse, is there any way each side can live their values without imposition/conflict? I don’t think so since they (leftists) are hell bent on imposing their ideology onto conservatives. Fuck, we allowed them their ‘sanctuary cities’ and even that doesn’t appease them – no, they want to impose their ‘sanctuary city ideology’ on the rest of us who don’t subscribe to their bullshit.

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I know, I’m rambling, hot on the heels of an emotional discussion with a liberal – I just wish we could find an end in sight with all this bullshit. There simply is not an end in sight. Every time an inch is given, they insist on more.


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