AI eats the web… GOOGLE could accelerate decline of 30+-year-old internet…

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Google’s increasing reliance on AI-generated search results is transforming how we interact with the internet. While this shift offers convenience, it threatens the traditional web ecosystem. As AI provides direct answers to queries, web traffic to content creators decreases, potentially undermining the accuracy and richness of future AI data due to reduced human input.

Key Points

  • Google ramping up AI-generated results since ChatGPT’s debut in late 2022.
  • AI Overviews rolling out to U.S. users, answering queries with AI-written paragraphs.
  • Reliance on web-based information without generating traffic for content creators.
  • Fear among publishers and retailers of significant loss in referral traffic.
  • Potential reduction in human contributions to the web’s collective knowledge pool.
  • Google’s AI capabilities demonstrated with Google Lens’ live smartphone video interpretation.
  • Shift from interactive human answers to efficient AI responses.
  • Traditional search results pushed lower on the page, maintaining some web traffic.
  • Social media platforms’ role in the gradual decline of the open web.
  • Managed decline of the web, with risks of AI consuming its own foundational data.
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