Adams plans to give NYC bureaucrats $2.1B raise as he pushes program cuts over migrant crisis

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Adams plans to give NYC bureaucrats $2.1B raise as he pushes program cuts over migrant crisis


Mayor Adams
Mayor Eric Adams signed off on a order that will provide more than 100,000 administration officials and other non-union employees with a retroactive pay increase boosting their salaries by 16.2%.
Mayor Eric Adams might be crying poverty over the Big Apple’s migrant crisis, but that didn’t stop him from quietly pushing through a giant $2.1 billion raise package for 10,000 bureaucrats.

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The salary increases, which Adams approved in February without putting out a press release, will retroactively boost salaries by 16.2% for managers and other non-union employees when compounded annually over a five-year period dating back to 2021.

graphic showing the raises given to 10,000 nyc department heads, managers and other non union workers. with a big pile of cash in the image
Top NYC honchos and other non-union city workers are getting a 16.2% retroactive raise when compounded annually over the length of pact. New York Post
It includes 3% wage hikes per year for the past three years, another 3% increase kicking in May 24, followed by a 3.25% hike in May 2025.

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Under Adams’ order, managers and non-union staffers making $100,000 will see their pay increase to $112,550 next month and $116,208 the following year.

Anyone earning $200,000 before the agreement – first reported by Politico – would have their salary surge to $225,101 in May and $232,417 next year.

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