Actions speak louder than words; when they contradict, moral authority is lost: Climate elites should take easyJet flights like the rest of us, or be quiet.

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As usual, this is more “eat the rich” thinking than anything remotely helpful. The world is not fast on its journey to hell in a hand-basket because of private jets flying in and out of the UK. But then, the Greens love to ban things, blame the West for everything, and cry catastrophe, much more than they like to create, invent or solve things.

That said, the idea of banning some private jets is appealing. Specifically, those in use by the climate elite: the Leonardo DiCaprios, Barack Obamas, Harry and Meghans and Silicon Valley executives of the world. In fact, anyone who bleats on about the evils of flying – low-cost flights possibly being the most democratic invention of all time – should be prevented from boarding their private jets.

When it comes to their international lifestyles, only two options can satisfy after years of incessant hypocrisy: they can take easyJet like the rest of us, or they can stop preaching.

But they won’t, of course. The hypocrisy is the message to the rest of us from the Inner Party: John Kerry flew on private jet to accept climate award: ‘Only choice for somebody like me.’

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by Ed Driscoll

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