ABC ‘News’ rocked by DEI chief’s exit

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ABC “News” Fires Its Woke DEI Hire “News Chief.”

They’re pretending she left of her own accord. But there were reports a week ago that ABC “News” was going to get rid of her, so you tell me.

She wasn’t just a DEI hire. She is literally made of DEI atoms.

ABC News President Kim Godwin, who touted diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), is reportedly on the chopping block, according to CNN.Debra OConnell, who was appointed in February to oversee the network, is currently conducting a leadership review as she has allegedly been appalled by Godwin’s management and leadership style, sources told CNN. She has reportedly failed to replace key positions and has caused anxiety to circulate among staff.

And now she’s “retiring.” Retiring under a cloud of failure and scandal, that is.


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“Keep an eye on this. Wanna bet that a lawsuit won’t be far behind?,” Ed Morrissey adds.


by Ed Driscoll

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