A “Gigantic Systemic” Meltdown, Greater than 1930s Depression is Coming Warns Market Insider

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Daniela Cambone interviews Bert Dohmen, founder and president of Dohmen Capital Research, discussing the banking sector, China, the Fed, and the importance of having a Plan B in their recent conversation. Dohmen warns that the failure with regional banks last year was not a “one-off” situation, and he emphasizes that a “gigantic systemic meltdown” is underway and would be hard to halt. He also expresses that we are currently in an era worse than the 1930s, marked by wars, riots, droughts, food shortages, and market crashes. Dohmen further advises people to email their Congress representatives to oppose detrimental legislation. Watch the video to delve deeper into his insights and learn how you can be prepared for the unfolding uncertainties.

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