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So this is why the push to get those forced out to come back?

Since August 2021, up to 100,000 or more members of the Armed Services were wrongfully discharged, kicked off active-duty, forced into early retirement, involuntarily transferred to the inactive ready reserve, or were denied pay or retirement benefits due to Department of Defense’s (“DoD”) COVID-19 vaccine mandate and refusing to take unlicensed, experimental vaccines.

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This is the greatest reduction in force since the end of the Cold War and likely the greatest self-inflicted threat to national security and military readiness in our Nation’s history.

Congress ordered the DoD to rescind the COVID-19 mandate in January 2023. Unfortunately, Congress did not explicitly order the miliary to provide back pay and financial compensation for all the service members and veterans harmed by the mandate.

The Military Backpay legal team is seeking to rectify this injustice. To date, we have filed three class actions in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims seeking back pay and other compensation, as well as reinstatement and other non-monetary relief, for all current or former members of the U.S. Armed Forces harmed by the illegal COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

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