2024 Paris Summer Olympics Cancel Air Conditioning Due to Climate Concerns

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The athletes competing at the Paris Summer Games will have plenty of condoms, but they will not have air conditioning.

“We designed these buildings so that they would be comfortable places to live in in the summer, in 2024 and later on, and we don’t need air conditioning in these buildings because we oriented the facades so that they wouldn’t get too much sun during the summer, and the facades, the insulation is really efficient,” said Yann Krysinski, who is directing the service of infrastructure for the Games.

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The buildings housing the athletes will apparently have some sort of cooling system, however. According to Reuters, cooled water will be circulated in the floors of the rooms to generate coolness.

The decision to forego traditional air conditioning is borne of the organizing committee’s desire to make the 2024 Paris Games record-breaking in terms of reducing the event’s carbon footprint.

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