13 Reasons Why We’re FINALLY at a Top

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by Cyb3rPilot

  1. China stock market crash and banned short selling indicates weakness in areas of the global economy

  2. FED has always said “higher for longer” but nobody believes them

  3. PPI and other reports have hinted that persistent inflation still exists in pockets of the economy

  4. The U.K. and Japan have fallen into technical recessions

  5. Major layoffs in tech continue to be announced on a daily basis, and have started to spread to other sectors as companies continue to cut costs and trim fat due to constrained operating costs and reduced margins

  6. Geopolitical flashpoints with the potential to expand conflicts to wider regions, and major global economic costs associated with Ukraine, Israel/Hamas/Iran/Red Sea, Taiwan

  7. Seasonality weakness in February, and election year weakness is common historically, but both have yet to show face…so the timing is nigh

  8. Jim Cramer just said market is strong Friday

  9. Degenerate meme stocks like SMCI are finding favor and now plummeting/capitulating from max-hype levels

  10. VIX and vol products are holding their levels, rather than dropping

  11. Earnings in general are kinda lackluster

  12. NVDA will report earnings next week and spike initially, but then drop to unchanged and sell-off in the following days, despite good growth and strong forward projections…simply due to investor over-evaluation of actual realized profits from AI. Then, sympathy selling in tech will exacerbate the selloff for the overall market /nq especially and /es

  13. FED minutes this week will continue to waffle on rate projections and say “higher for longer” and “data-dependent” (go figure) because the FED is waiting on actual indications inflation is coming down to their target range before cutting rates, and it hasn’t yet. This may not happen for a long time…and when the global economic crises hits, the FED will need to be able to cut rates to support growth. The FED can’t cut too early, because then inflation won’t be curtailed fully and they have no ammunition left if something goes wrong – but they also can’t hold rates high for too long, otherwise they will stifle growth in the economy and increase chances of a recession

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