13 conservative counties in Oregon approve ballot measures for SECESSION…

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Thirteen counties in Oregon have voted to start negotiations to secede from the state and join conservative Idaho, driven by discontent with progressive policies and high taxes.

Key Points

  • Thirteen Oregon counties support measures to join Idaho
  • Crook County approved the Greater Idaho Measure on Tuesday
  • Proposal moves Oregon border 200 miles west, incorporating 14 counties into Idaho
  • Supporters seek to escape progressive policies and high taxes, citing high crime rates
  • Measure 7-86 passed by 53% in Crook County
  • Vote is not legally binding; supports negotiations for annexation
  • Advocates call on state and federal representatives to discuss border changes
  • Oregon’s Measure 110, decriminalizing drug possession, faced significant issues and was reversed
  • Similar secession movements seen in Texas, Illinois, Colorado, and other regions
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