$13 Billion Spent On Migration Assistance

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In the shadowy corridors of government spending, a staggering revelation has come to light: over $13 billion of taxpayer money funneled into federal refugee, migration, and entrant “assistance” programs. But beneath the guise of humanitarian aid lies a disturbing truth: this massive influx of funds could be buying more than just assistance – it could be buying votes.

Since the onset of the pandemic, federal assistance in this arena has skyrocketed by a staggering 175%, ballooning from $4.8 billion to a jaw-dropping $13.17 billion. While ostensibly aimed at providing aid to migrants and refugees, the implications of such astronomical spending raise serious concerns about political manipulation and electoral influence.

Indeed, one can’t help but wonder: how many new voters can the Left buy with over $13 billion of taxpayer money? As waves of migrants flood across the border, fueled by government subsidies and support, the potential for political gain looms large. With each dollar spent on migration assistance, the balance of power in future elections hangs in the balance.

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But the truth goes even deeper. Not content to merely turn a blind eye to illegal border crossings, the federal government is actively subsidizing them with taxpayer dollars. Take, for example, a recent grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to the International Organization For Migration, totaling over $1.1 million. Ostensibly aimed at providing healthcare to migrants en route to the border, this grant raises serious questions about the government’s complicity in facilitating illegal immigration.

As the specter of voter manipulation looms large, concerned citizens must demand transparency and accountability from their elected officials. With billions of taxpayer dollars at stake, the need for oversight and scrutiny has never been more urgent. The American people deserve to know where their hard-earned money is going – and whether it’s being used to buy political favor at the expense of their rights and freedoms.

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