Zelensky is now in Saudi Arabia begging for money

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Guess who’s on a global tour with an open palm? It’s none other than Ukraine’s President Zelensky, and this time, the stage is set in Saudi Arabia. But hold on – is there no shame in this money-begging game?

Zelensky, in his quest for financial support, met with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to discuss a peace deal and the return of prisoners of war from Russia. The irony? Saudi Arabia, known for its ties with Russia through OPEC+, is playing mediator while maintaining close energy alignments with Moscow.

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Zelensky’s trip unfolds amid setbacks for Ukraine in eastern territories, with forces gradually retreating. Despite the challenging situation, Zelensky expressed gratitude for Saudi Arabia’s “ongoing active support” in pursuing a 10-point peace formula, which includes the expulsion of Russian forces and accountability for war crimes – proposals flatly rejected by Moscow.

“The second topic is the return of POWs and deportees,” Zelensky stated, highlighting Saudi Arabia’s prior role in facilitating releases. But amidst these diplomatic maneuvers, it’s hard to ignore the awkward truth – Zelensky’s journey resembles a plea for financial aid from an unexpected source.

And, let’s not forget, not long ago, Saudi Arabia warmly hosted Putin and became an official BRICS member. Is Zelensky knocking on the wrong door?

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