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NYC Mayor Gets Another Setback Amid Migrant Crisis.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams recently terminated most of his lawsuits against New York counties for their immigration emergency directives, which are intended to prevent the city from moving migrants to their communities.

An unprecedented migrant surge in New York City — with over 100,000 arrivals since the spring of 2022 — has strained the city’s resources and spurred Democratic infighting. Adams had hoped that the rest of New York state would share the burden by taking on some of the migrants.

But New York Gov. Kathy Hochul has adamantly rejected Adam’s proposal, arguing that the city’s “right-to-shelter” mandate “does not apply to the state’s other 57 counties, which is one of the reasons we cannot and will not force other parts of our state to shelter migrants.”

And yet the people of NYC will always vote for someone very close to this kind of person. Even a “Republican” like Giuliani had many of the same approaches, out of necessity.

h/t Sarah Hoyt

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