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Why Are California Schools STILL Canceling Games for COVID?

Several California schools just canceled football games…due to COVID-19. At what point do we put that nonsense behind us?

MRCTV’s John Simmons reported on the California COVID cancellations Sept. 8. One of the head coaches, Nordoff’s Dillon Lowen, claimed that he didn’t even have enough healthy students to practice. If all those players are very sick, that’s not only concerning but unusual, considering that young people are usually more resistant to COVID. But what about the other schools?


Matchups between Los Angeles-area schools Santa Paula and La Cañada High School, Bay-area schools Esparto, and Amador Nordhoff and Agoura were all cancelled.

Was it because of weather? No. Was it because of tragic incidents that took place at these schools? Thankfully, that wasn‘t the reason either.

All of these games were cancelled because of a COVID-19 outbreak [at] at least one of the schools in these matchups.

As Simmons noted, California previously had draconian COVID vaccination policies. Yet, in late 2023, schools still have to cancel games for the virus? It’s almost as if the vaccines didn’t work!

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In fact, a new study of California prisons found that those vaccinated with COVID boosters are more likely to get COVID. And back in 2021, a study from Tel Aviv University in Israel found that people vaccinated with Pfizer-BioNTech’s COVID shot were eight times more likely to contract the South African COVID-19 variant. Perhaps the Nordoff football team has too many vaccinated players?

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