We WILL Get Fooled Again! Purchasing Power Of US Dollar DOWN -15% Under China Joe Biden (Top 1% Doing Great Under Bidenomics, Not The Middle Class)

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by confoundedinterest17

Republicans elected Mike Johnson from Louisiana as House Speaker, then were surprised when Johnson agreed with big spending Senators McConnell and Schumer on Biden’s mega spendathon. Also, several Republicans voted with Democrats NOT to impeach Cuba Pete (Mayorkas) for allowing 8 million illegals to cross the southern border. Bottom line: the Biden Administration and Congress are closely held subsidiaries of the elite 1% and US large corporations. The middle class be damned! But we will get fooled again in every election.

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Since Biden’s inaugration in January 2021, the purchasing power of the US dollar is down a staggering -15%.

Yes, under control of large corporations and the 1%, the economy is an economic wasteland. But the 1% are doing great under Bidenomics! With The Fed’s help of course.

Here is a chart of core inflation relative to M2 Money printing. Easy way to cool inflation … stop printing money!

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Here is China’s Xi and America’s “China Joe” Biden.

Seriously, Biden has always been known as being stupid and corrupt. Now he has dementia. A PERFECT President for the 1% in their war against the middle class. Biden is the penultimate “useful idiot” with an emphasis on idiot.

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