USLS abruptly shuts down, leaving 2,000 employees jobless and customers scrambling for freight.

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In a recent shocking move, the Texas-based U.S. Logistics Solutions (USLS), owned by Ten Oaks Group, abruptly ceased operations, leaving over 2,000 employees jobless. The closure affected 500 truck drivers, 732 power units, and resulted in the shuttering of 19 terminals, primarily on the East Coast. Former USLS President Eric Culberson expressed devastation and heartbreak due to the abrupt decision by the private ownership group. Employees were notified via late-night text messages that all employment was terminated immediately, with no paychecks issued as promised. The closure has left workers wondering about final paychecks and benefits, while customers scramble to locate and recover stranded freight. Notably, no WARN Act notice was filed, which is required for large layoffs. The situation remains uncertain as Ten Oaks Group has remained silent on the closure.

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