US Congress is More Controlled by Israel Than the Knesset

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by Chris Black

This institution is a completely lost cause.

US military presence in the area is a dangerous bluff that could cause this to spiral out of control.

I don’t think the pressure Iranian aligned militias are putting on the US in Syria, Iraq and Yemen are merely symbolic.

They have been steadily ratcheting up pressure on American bases in the region, likely testing to see how far the US forces are willing to go.

I think Hezbollah and potentially Iran know a direct confrontation with USraeli forces is inevitable, and what we have seen so far is the early skirmishing phase of the conflict.

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They are likely waiting to secure Russian military aid and Chinese diplomatic support to confront ZOG in a full blown war.

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If and when they get it, then it’s on.

If Mossad asset Donald Trump was in office we would be in a full blown war with Iran by now.

Biden’s people are at least somewhat more reluctant.

But it’s still a matter of when rather than if.

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