Unrest and collapse are coming to America, just like in Haiti

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The world is watching the collapse of an entire nation, Haiti, in real time, with many wondering what will happen to the Haitian people in the process. Many Haitians are now fleeing to the United States as migrants, bringing with them machetes and other weapons that will contribute further to the destabilizing chaos already taking place here on our own soil.
Many Americans have grown numb to such displays of civil breakdown, watching it from far away on their phones, computers and televisions. Their assumption is that the type of horrors currently unfolding in Haiti could never happen here – but that assumption is wrong.

Whether people want to acknowledge it or not, the U.S. is in the throes of its own full-scale collapse that once it really starts picking up speed will dwarf the situation in Haiti. America is much larger, much “greater,” so to speak, and much more entrenched in an illusion of peace and safety, which will make the fall that much bigger and more devastating.

“Here in the United States, we have been adding millions upon millions of extremely desperate people on top of the millions upon millions of extremely desperate people that we already had,” warns The Economic Collapse Blog.

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“Politicians in major cities such as New York and Chicago openly admit that they can’t possibly take any more migrants because the social services available for them have been completely overwhelmed, but more migrants just keep coming anyway. We are creating an extremely explosive environment, and the pressure that is coming in 2024 and beyond could push things over the edge.”

Pride comes before a fall
One of the most prideful nations in the world, the U.S. and its populace generally seem to think that this “shining city on a hill” is immune to the types of social and financial breakdowns that occur elsewhere. This “too big to fail” mentality will contribute in a major way to this country’s inevitable undoing.

An ominous solar eclipse is coming that will create an X-marks-the-spot cross over America. It passes over seven U.S. towns named “Ninevah,” which hearkens back to the biblical story of Jonah and the judgment that occurred due to widespread wickedness and unrepentance.

America is also in the throes of a financial collapse that the powers that be are desperately trying to avoid with a “soft landing,” but it will not work. There comes a point when the Ponzi scheme known as fractional reserve banking and all the corruption that goes with it reaches an unavoidable end, and it appears the nation is just about there.

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The invasion from the southern border, the attacks on our children, the rampant lawlessness and pride, the unspeakable greed – all of this and more spells a soon end to the American empire, at least in its current form. One wonders what will emerge from the ashes of the ruinous heap that remains once all is said and done.

“America is the ‘first born’ of old Israel (NOT the demonic one) that is going to be ‘sacrificed’ like to the pharaoh – you might want to buckle up,” suggested one commenter about what he believes is happening.

“God’s protecting hand of grace is just about gone as you see from the invasion and the revived XXY homo-gomorrahs now running our governments down to the local level.”

“On Monday, March 25, 2024, the sun, earth, and moon will perfectly align, creating a penumbral lunar eclipse,” wrote another. “Two weeks later, a total solar eclipse transverses the continental U.S.”

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