UK: Huge Crowd Marches for Palestine

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by Chris Black

It’s effectively being done by America, given that America is providing all of the weapons and shielding Israel from the rest of the world, which would otherwise stop them from doing this.

So Americans are responsible. The British as well.

The Guardian:

Thousands have marched in London and Edinburgh as pro-Palestine demonstrators called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

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Saturday’s marches were the UK’s first national demonstrations since the UN’s international court of justice ordered Israel to ensure acts of genocide are not committed in Gaza.

About 10,000 marched in London on Saturday. Along with other protesters, Jewish groups backed calls for a ceasefire, displaying banners calling for the Israeli leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, to secure a hostage deal and chanting: “Netanyahu, shame, shame, not in our name.”

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It’s incredible what these people have done to their own public image, really for no reason.

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