Trump Says Biden is Going to Bring Back the Coronavirus Hoax to Help Him Hoax the 2024 Election

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by Chris Black

Trump’s claims are very coherent, and it seems to me he is likely right about how this will go.

You’ll probably get some of it this fall/winter, but then in 2024, it will go into overdrive – about a year from now.

I personally did not believe the coronavirus hoax was going to end after it started. I was taken by surprise when they started that war with Russia and then that whole virus thing just disappeared.

After they ended it, however, it was clear that it would come back at some point. They clearly ended it because there was too much pushback, but they can let these things rest for a bit, and then bring them back in force, and people are less likely to push back against something they’ve already become accustomed to.

It was totally clear to me that the virus hoax agenda is fundamental to these people’s plans for the world, which include driving everyone into poverty, forcing genetic engineering on the population, and locking everyone into “15 minute cities.”

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If Trump can actually win in 2024 or not (I don’t know how he possibly can, but hey – fingers crossed), his campaign is a very good thing, as it is disrupting the system totally.

When he is out there announcing “they’re going to do this virus hoax again,” that is going to mean that none of his followers are going to go along with it.

What’s more: increasingly, people in the West are feeling like they don’t have much to lose.

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