To CNBC viewing audience: Stay away from Red States!

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If you live in a red state, you probably consider yourself lucky. In most cases, doing so means you’ve got a baseline of freedom granted to you that many other Americans don’t have. Certainly, the fact that, by the numbers, people are flocking to Republican-led states testifies to the fact that blue bastions aren’t all they are cracked up to be.

No mind, though. CNBC is here to let you know what the “10 worst states to live in” are. Apparently, many of you are living in an oppressive third-world hellhole and just didn’t know it. Thankfully, our liberal betters are here to set the record straight.

So what are the states in question? Coming in at number 10 is Florida, followed by Arkansas, Tennessee, Indiana, Missouri, Alabama, South Carolina, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas. Yes, according to these geniuses, one of the most popular destinations in the country is actually the worst state to live in.

I hope leftists moving to Texas know what they’re getting themselves into: ‘Douche’ father-of-seven sales exec who moved his family from California to Texas then BACK again is blasted for complaining about Austin’s ‘rude locals, bland culture, oppressive heat and Yelp’s bad food choices’ in scathing Op-Ed.

In parts of Texas it’s not just a monoculture, but a monoculture that doesn’t seem to be aware of its own blandness. Think about it: Are you ready to have your son judged based on his suitability for a future career in football? Are you ready to network by attending the local high school football game with the guys? Because that’s a thing in Texas.

Really? Who knew that Texans were obsessed with football, especially high school football? It’s not like Hollywood ever made a movie on that topic that was eventually transformed into a weekly TV series.

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