This is the Difference Between a Country Ruled By Its Founding Stock And the US/EU

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by Chris Black

China has an aging population and a decline in birthrates.

Absolutely zero talk of needing to import foreigners to replace their own population.

Demographically replacing indigenous Europeans (America is basically a European colony) is strictly a policy of the Western Ziosphere except in Zionist Israel itself.

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Our Western oligarchs would love to see China diversified, but China is Nationalist.
As soon as China published their statistics showing a birthrate decline, The Economist wrote China needs foreign workers.

So why won’t it embrace immigration?

Opposition to multiculturalism is fueled, in part, by claims of racial purity.

China isn’t stupid, we’re stupid.

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They understand the importance of racial and cultural homogeneity, we don’t.

They understand demographics is destiny, we don’t.

They don’t allow foreigners to destabilize and subvert their country, we do.

The Chinese will exist forever, Europeans won’t.

Xi says China’s women must start ‘new trend of family’

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