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American cities ordered to give over $68 million to Antifa, BLM agitators after 2020 riots caused $2 BILLION in damage

Major cities across the country saw over $2 billion in damages in the wake of 2020’s Antifa and BLM George Floyd riots. Property was damaged, officers attacked, and at least 30 people lost their lives. In the years since, these same cities have paid out millions of dollars to the same people that participated in this unrest.

In September of 2020, it was revealed that over $2 billion in property damage claims arising from the riots were made over that summer, marking the costliest riots in US history. The Foundation for Economic Education suggested that this total was likely higher, as the $2 billion figure looked only at insured businesses, and 75 percent of businesses are under insured. Around 40 percent of small businesses have no insurance.

Most recently, the Denver City Council approved a settlement of $4.7 million to over 300 people who attended Black Lives Matter riots in the summer of 2020 and were arrested by Denver police. The settlement will go to the activists who said that their First Amendment rights were violated by Denver officers, according to CBS News.

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