THEY’RE THE WORST: After Blaming Almost Everyone for Gun Crime, Harvard Man David Hogg Now Goes After…White Women.

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via thetruthaboutguns:

From the NRA-ILA . . .

Is there anyone or anything that professional ranter, former progressive pillow company executive, and anti-gun activist David Hogg hasn’t blamed for gun crime? The NRA, predictably, has been pretty much at the top of his list (for instance, herehere, and here), but to date, the admittedly far-from-complete list also includes . . .

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…and, of course, the guns themselves.

Late last month, Hogg added a new entry to his naughty-not-nice list in a message posted on X: “We will never end gun violence until white woman [sic] in the suburbs stop voting for the republicans who are endangering our schools and communities by flooding them with guns.”

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