What Does the Gates Foundation, the WHO and the Rest of the Elites Have in Common?

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by Chris Black

The Club is and always will be looking for greater control and the concentration of wealth. Communism/Socialism is really just serfdom, i.e. the way the world was during most of history.

The common person is not supposed to be free or prosperous.

We are property of the Elite, to feed and defend them, so they are free to produce wealth without work.

After serfdom was jettisoned by the American experiment, it was re-branded by the Elite into a form that could be sold to the working class, that the playing field could be leveled to where everyone is the same.

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That your social standing doesn’t matter, and that the pursuit of money will no longer be the driving force of the economy.

They just didn’t tell you that your upward mobility would be eliminated and they would continue to live in the castle.

Good serf, you actually believed you could be equal. Ha, ha, ha.

Covid is the opening salvo of the final battle, a test to see if the world is ready for complete domination.

The experiment found that around 80% fell for it hook, line, and sinker, very easily.

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The tool of fear and coercion turned normal people into cult worshipers, an army of billions ready to throw the unvaxed freethinkers into burn pits.

Those who know are still in the minority.

We are outnumbered by the brainwashed masses and the army of true believers are ready to don the mask anytime the masters say so.

It was a genius move.

The masked worshipers can easily see their target, i.e. anyone who isn’t wearing one.

When asked to kill the unmasked, they’ll do it without even thinking first.

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