The Barnacle immobilizes cars with 1,000lbs force, aiming to deter illegal parking effectively.

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Picture this: a bright yellow contraption adheres to your windshield like a determined barnacle on a ship’s hull. But this isn’t marine life—it’s the Barnacle, a high-tech parking deterrent that’s turning heads (and immobilizing wheels). With suction cups boasting a whopping 1,000 lbs of force, it secures itself to your car, rendering any escape futile. No more clunky wheel clamps; the Barnacle is sleek, efficient, and, dare I say, oddly captivating. But fear not—there’s a QR code escape hatch for those who’ve crossed the parking law abyss. Welcome to the future of parking enforcement!

Key points:

  • The Barnacle: A bright yellow device engineered by a US company called Barnacle Parking.
  • Attachment Mechanism: Uses suction cups with 1,000 lbs of force to attach a large plastic slab to a vehicle’s windshield, making it impossible to drive away safely.
  • Convenience: Applied in less than a minute, compared to several minutes for a traditional wheel clamp.
  • Damage Prevention: Unlike wheel clamps, it avoids damaging alloy wheels.
  • Security Features: Contains an audible alarm and features GPS and a SIM card to alert parking enforcers if tampered with or moved.
  • Resolution: Drivers can scan a QR code, pay the fine, and have the device remotely released.
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