The AD Reportedly Has concerns About Public Opinion in United States Especially Among Generation Z aka “Zoomers”

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by Chris Black

Listen to the audio.

Greenblatt is not acting.

He is genuinely upset, and he stresses that antipathy for Israel among younger people does not fall along left/right lines.

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Pretty much everyone hates them across the ideological spectrum.

Whatever “Zoomers stand with Israel” public campaign the ADL cooks up will be cringe and ignored and mocked.

But don’t be surprised to see Israelis pushing more BAPtard tier nonsense, or even more “Nazis for Israel” style gay-ops spun up to try to trick young right wingers.

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They will simultaneously be doubling down on messaging that Israel is the only safe country for trannies and gays to appeal to young leftists.

There are some for whom both of these messaging strategies will be appealing.

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