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Argentina’s Milei To Cut 50,000 State Jobs Amid Legislative Challenges.

This latest round of cuts follows a March announcement in which Milei proposed slashing 70,000 jobs from Argentina’s public sector work force, which employs approximately 3.5 million people. According to Infobae, 25,000 positions have been cut since March’s announcement.

As a result, public employees rejected the measure and some of the largest unions in the country have called for protests. “We knew that the program was going to generate social tension. Bringing the number of ministries to half was not free,” the president said during his speech at the Latam Economic Forum in Buenos Aires.

Since taking office six months ago, Milei has pledged to fix Argentina’s severe economic issues, including an inflation rate that has surged to a three-decade high of over 250 percent and a poverty rate impacting 57 percent of the population. To end the crisis, Milei has slashed state subsidies, devalued the currency, and closed several state agencies.

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