Temperature Drops 45-degrees Almost Instantly in China

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Record-breaking cold snap in Xinjiang, China plunges temperatures to -52°C (-61.6°F), resulting in widespread wildlife loss.

In an unprecedented meteorological event, Xinjiang, China, recently experienced a drastic temperature drop of 45°C in a matter of moments, setting a new record low of -52°C (-61.6°F). This sudden and severe cold spell proved fatal for hundreds of waterfowl, marking a chilling incident in the far western region of China.

The temperature plummet occurred in the Tuerhong township of Fuyun county, breaking a 64-year-old record for Xinjiang. This bone-chilling low surpassed the previous record of minus 51.5°C set on January 21, 1960. The severity of this cold snap has raised concerns, particularly in the aftermath of Lunar New Year celebrations, with disrupted traffic and challenging conditions for travelers returning from the holiday period.

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As several parts of China grapple with freezing temperatures, blizzards, and icy rain, this incident adds to the challenges faced by residents and wildlife alike. State media reports highlight the toll on wildlife, with hundreds of waterfowl succumbing to the extreme cold.



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