State Dept’s Miller Today – Funds For Ukraine Almost Gone, 97% Used

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by Flying Elvii

I have been saying over and over that there is a lot more money being thrown at Ukraine than just from the Defense Budget.

USAID is paying to run the Ukrainian Government and the entire Ukrainian Welfare System, as well as giving your money to other countries to profit from funneling it to Ukraine via the State Department and other Programs.

You didn’t REALLY think that the Billions of dollars spent by Denmark and Holland were coming out of their own pockets, did you?

A Reckoning is fast approaching, even the EU’s Stoltenberg has admitted it this week.

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Ukraine Military equipment logistics death and gratuity payments, retirement / pensions system, full medical system, the government with luxurious salaries and bonuses, judicial system, education, border fencing, etc etc etc. for very long time.

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Because Zelensky will be fighting for Decades until glorious victory as West will support this as long as it takes.

Who needs retirement in the USA anyway.

Desperation setting in…

I have said for a YEAR that the closer it gets to the Primaries, the more desperate the Democrats/Deep State will become to freeze the conflict until after the 24 election…

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